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Jane Timm Baxter

Hi, I'm Jane Timm Baxter. Welcome to my profile!

Jane Timm Baxter's Bio:

 At six months old, Jane Timm Baxter was diagnosed as having night terrors. What in the world could give a baby night terrors? No one ever had an answer for that question, nor do they have answer as to why Baxter has continued to suffer from night terrors into her late thirties. Perhaps it was destiny for her to become a dark fiction writer; perhaps it was simply the luck of the draw.
Either way, Baxter won her first writing award at age seven, taking down fifth graders in securing the first place honor for an elementary school writing school contest. After that initial win in the second grade, she secured school writing awards through the rest of her school career.
n 1988, Jane Timm Baxter swiped a family member's copy of Interview With a Vampire by Anne Rice. It took the twelve-year-old two days to devour the novel, her head spinning with visions, ideas and possibilities. Jane grabbed up copies of Dracula, The Vampire Lestat and Salem's Lot from the local library, as well as several volumes centering on the folklore of the vampire. There was no doubt; she was hooked on the immortal blood drinker. The gothic subculture had not reached the mainstream populace at this time, and the word "Goth" was not the adjective that dripped from the lips of her peers as Jane wandered the school hallways, dressed from head to toe in black. Heavy kohl eyeliner rimmed her eyes, and black, permanent marker served as fingernail polish as Jane obsessively wrote dark poetry between class assignments.
Baxter wrote her "first novel" at the age of thirteen, while on suicide watch in a behavioral health institution. The one hundred and seventy-five page story, entitled The Power and the Prophecy, met a lingering death by fire when she decided that it wasn’t any good, and she was not longer interested in trying to improve it. In fact, the only copies that remain of any of her writing before age eighteen exist solely because her grandmother saved them. Sadly, Baxter’s grandmother passed away on Valentine’s Day of 2013, which is how the writings were returned to her.
By the time the gothic movement reached noticeable levels, Jane had crossed into adulthood and no longer fit the gothic mold. Jane Timm married James Baxter in 1995, when she was nineteen and he was forty-six. Due to the age difference, her parents refused to meet James and actually disowned Baxter for four years before finally reconciling, despite the fact the age difference between her grandmother and her grandfather was roughly the same.

Jane's fascination with vampires remained steadfast after becoming Jane Timm Baxter, and her husband was the first person to encourage her to write. From one short story to another, her vampires evolved into something more powerful and unique than anything she kept reading in the works of other authors. Eventually, two separate races rose from her writing and the Ebonadrakry emerged beside their vampire cousins. In 2002, Jane set aside her short stories in favor of trying her hand at a novel. Despite chronic health problems and diagnoses of migraines, type two bipolar disorder, cyclic vomiting syndrome and other illnesses, Jane continued to develop her novel. Days would pass when she was capable of penning only a few sentences, yet her characters had taken on lives of their own and would not allow her to give up. From first draft through countless rounds of editing, Shadows of Dawn reached its final incarnation in 2014.
After eight years of honing her craft, and therefore learning more about her characters, Jane followed the desire to delve deeper into the world she had created, and is working on two sequels, Dawn of Power and Lights Before Dawn, respectively. The character of Lila Bishop also spread to another novel, Night Garden, as a cameo appearance. Night Garden, a thriller with paranormal overtones, was a semi-finalist in the 2009 Breakthrough Novel Awards. Since then, Jane has decided to devote more time to Night Garden, shoring up the plot and characters.
Jane continues to voraciously consume folklore of the vampire, ancient to modern, making her an unofficial expert on the subject. As with most aspects of her life, she sifts through the beliefs and mythologies of multiple civilizations and eras, discarding what does not ring true and committing what does to paper. However, when asked if she believes in vampires as a creature of reality, her reply is four words, said with a smile:
"That's not my area."

Now, at age thirty-seven, Baxter is the stepmother of three adults and the step-grandmother of fifteen children.





Jane Timm Baxter's Interests & Activities:

Writing, horror movies, crocheting, sculpting, painting

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